If you’re a nightclub, resort, university or other purely entertainment venue looking to include the fun of bowling without the complexity of a traditional pinspotter machine, then look no further than the innovative TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter. Smart, simple, unbelievably reliable, our TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter delivers all the fun of bowling but with less costs to operate and maintain versus traditional pinspotter machines.

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

Easy To Operate

The TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter is such a simple design that you don’t need to keep a highly skilled mechanic on your staff. It has a control chassis with an LCD display and full diagnostic capabilities. It is so simple just about anyone can be taught to operate and maintain this machine.

Fewer Moving Parts

The TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter is designed to use an absolute minimum number of moving parts. It uses only a fraction of the parts compared with a traditional pinspotter. That means there’s less you have to maintain. So you save money.


The TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter is incredibly reliable – your customers will love bowling on them and you can relax.

Full CE Compliance

You and your bowlers can rest assured knowing our TMS Ten Pin Pinspotter fully meets EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

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